Mechanics Team Lead, based in China

Full time
Master, Bachelor, PhD

Sioux Technologies is expanding its high-tech ecosystem in China since 2019, through collaboration with Jiangsu Industry Technology Research Institute (JITRI) and Suzhou’s High-Speed Rail New Town. These efforts have led to the establishment of a cutting-edge R&D and assembly center in Suzhou, where we have spun out several successful high-tech OEM product companies. 

Sioux Technologies is an international technology solutions provider based in the Netherlands. Sioux has been at the forefront of innovation for over 25 years, developing cutting edge technologies for a wide range of customers in the Semiconductor, Medical and Analytical industry.

Our Position

As a Mechanics Tech Lead in Sioux China, you are one of core members in the mechanics competence team leading internal/external projects, technology roadmaps, and competence & people development in the department.

Key responsibilities are:

  • Leading the architecture designing of high-precision (micron, nanoscale accuracy) equipment, multi axis motion stages.
  • Leading activities of conceptual design, detailed design, integration, and testing of equipment.
  • Responsible for mechanical structure design and relevant engineering calculation (Statics, dynamics, heat, vibration, etc.)
  • Calculation and selection of mechanical related parts (motor, screw, guide rail, encoder, pneumatic components, etc.)
  • Related technical research and project implementation
  • Contribute to competence development strategy plan, commercial negotiations, and internal cross department(groups) corporations.

Your future workplace

Your Experience

  • Bachelor's degree or above, majoring in Mechanical or related fields.
  • 5-10 years of experience in developing and testing high-precision electromechanical systems in semiconductor, medical equipment, or analytical instrument industry
  • Have solid theoretical knowledge in mechanical design, theoretical mechanics, strength of materials, dynamics, etc.
  • Understand high-precision electromechanical systems (micron, nanoscale)
  • Understanding theory of precision mechanical design.
  • Have certain simulation ability (statics, mode, heat, vibration, etc.)
  • Proficient in tolerance analysis and GD&T
  • Familiar with the selection of commonly used components (motor, screw, guide rail, encoder, pneumatic components, etc.)
  • Understand the use of commonly used measuring instruments (altimeters, displacement sensors, interferometers, accelerometers)
  • Understanding system dynamics simulation (Matlab/Simulink, Admas, Ansys) is appreciated.
  • We appreciate people with strong soft skills, Clear goals, self-driven, excellent communication, team player, leadership and​ ​​​​​​business proficient English is appreciated, but Basic English reading and writing skills is acceptable.

Our Culture

  • Internal training, coaching and a large personal development budget of RMB 20,000 per year
  • Varied work due to variety in technologies, markets and projects
  • Good salary and attractive fringe benefits
  • An open culture focused on working together, learning and having fun
  • An innovative working environment
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  • Application received
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  • Introduction
    • We will plan an (online) introduction with a Sioux colleague to find out if there is a match.
  • Follow-up conversation(s)
    • In follow-up conversation(s), we dive into the (technical) depth. In some cases a personality test will be part of the conversation and will be discussed with you. In other cases you will be presented with a (technical) case.
  • Both excited?
    • If we are both enthusiastic, we would like to make you an offer. We will talk you through the offer and discuss it with you. Are you already curious about our terms of employment? You can find them here for the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany.
  • Welcome to Sioux Technologies!
    • We welcome you to Sioux and wish you success with your new challenge!


Privacy Notice for applicants

  1. Pre-employment screening and background checks might be part of your application procedure.
  2. Your personal information is managed in compliance with the GDPR regulations.

Raz Gutu

Recruitment Assistant
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