Sales Manager Applied Mathematics

Full time

At Sioux Technologies it's all about putting the total puzzle together. And we can't do that without you, a driven Sales Manager Applied Mathematics.

Sioux develops and produces state-of-the art technology for the top of the international high-tech community. Think for example of a complex lithography machine, a compact electron microscope, a smart home automation system or an electric car that charges itself. We set the bar high and regularly make the impossible possible. We do this together, within a close team of enthusiastic specialists in electronics, software, mechanics, mechatronics and mathematics.

Our vacancy

In the Mathware department, applied mathematics is used to help our customers with breakthrough innovations that have impact! Our customers use technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence and optimization strategies at the beginning of an innovation trajectory or for the further development of a product.

As a sales manager, you are an important link in fulfilling our mission: applying mathematics in a relevant way in society. For many companies, our Mathware (Mathematics for Software & Hardware) is the technology translator: we translate the latest science into usable algorithms or feasibility studies for our high-tech customers. We are constantly working on the highest level of competence with a low barrier to entry.

As a sales manager you represent our Mathware services within all markets and coordinate Sioux-wide communication with our customers. Internally you work in a team to deploy Mathware in multidisciplinary projects. In this way you will contribute to our ambition: to deliver the best solutions as innovation partner of our customers in the international high-tech industry.

The position is challenging and therefore not suitable for everyone. You love diversity and have an above-average curiosity. In order to help our customers, you find it important to understand them well. You work together with our Mathware engineers who support you on content, so you can make the connection between the customer's problem and the technological kick for our Mathware Engineers.

You are used to dealing with pressure and can lead multiple projects simultaneously. For example, you work on the vectorization of old field drawings for a company with geo-specialists. Or contribute to the logistical optimization of the manual order picking process for a large warehouse. And we're not just talking about standard manual optimization. You will also work with our team on the proposition to carry this out with automated guided vehicles. And if that is not enough impact for you, you can work on machine learning for healtcare related applications and contribute to the rapid detection of diseases in human tissue.

Your daily activities will include:

  • Sales activities: you are responsible for acquiring new projects and programs focused on the creative and pragmatic application of mathematics as a technology, to improve and optimize products and processes.
  • Customization: you are well able to deploy the Sioux know-how and assets to achieve an optimal solution for your customer.
  • Account management: you are the first point of contact for our customers as the linking element between technology and market. You develop and strengthen existing customer relationships and bring the full mathematical services portfolio of Sioux to their attention.

Your future workplace

Here's what we look for in you:

You have strong communication skills and are comfortable acting at different levels within organizations. Your commercial talent ensures that you can steer this conversation from demand to service. You know how to make your commercial contribution by successfully developing and selling new projects and programs, coordinating the technical content with the client and taking care of the contractual settlement.

In addition, you recognize yourself in the following profile:

  • You have experience, talent and ambition to further develop yourself commercially.
  • You have a strong personality: you don't shy away from a tough conversation.
  • You have at least 3-5 years of work experience in a similar position.
  • You have a fascination for mathematics and engineering and are strongly analytical.
  • You have a completed WO or HBO education.
In het Duits

This is what we offer you

Our employees are our strength and we want to get the most out of them together. We therefore invest a lot in our employees by means of ample development budgets and personal attention. According to our employees this is what makes the difference at Sioux. We are proud of that. Success is more than a good salary for us: it is also being appreciated, given responsibility and continuing to develop yourself.

This is what you can expect from us:

  • Internal training, coaching and a generous development budget of 6,000 euros per year
  • Varied work due to variation in technologies, markets and projects
  • Good salary and attractive benefits
  • Flexible working hours of 32-40 hours per week in a healthy combination of home and office
  • An open culture aimed at cooperation, learning and having fun
  • An innovative work environment
  • A pizza budget, so you can work on innovative new developments in our expertise groups
Are you interested?

Your new job in 5 steps

Thank you for your interest. We are happy to share our selection process with you. Below you will find the steps we go through. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We wish you the best of luck with your application at Sioux Technologies!

  • Interested?
    • Send us your CV and motivation video or letter.
  • Application received
    • One of our recruiters will review your application and get back to you asap.
  • Introduction
    • We will plan an (online) introduction with a Sioux colleague to find out if there is a match.
  • Follow-up conversation(s)
    • In follow-up conversation(s), we dive into the (technical) depth. In some cases a personality test will be part of the conversation and will be discussed with you. In other cases you will be presented with a (technical) case.
  • Both excited?
    • If we are both enthusiastic, we would like to make you an offer. We will talk you through the offer and discuss it with you. Are you already curious about our terms of employment? You can find them here for the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany.
  • Welcome to Sioux Technologies!
    • We welcome you to Sioux and wish you success with your new challenge!

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