Senior High Speed Designer

Full time
Master, Bachelor
As a Senior High-Speed Electronics Designer, you play a central role in expanding this competence within Sioux projects.

Sioux Technologies develops and produces state-of-the-art technology for the top end of the international high-tech community. Examples include a complex lithography machine, a compact electron microscope, a smart home automation system or an electric self-charging car. We raise the bar high and we often achieve the impossible. We do so together, as a team of enthusiastic electronics, software, mechanics, mechatronics and mathematics specialists.

What makes you enthusiastic as a Senior High Speed Designer

At Sioux Technologies, we develop advanced systems in which the demands for fast data acquisition and data and signal processing are becoming increasingly important. As a High-Speed Electronics Developer, you are responsible for designing advanced electronic modules and helping to further expand the high-speed electronics competence.

  • Utilizing your knowledge and creativity to realize innovative solutions for the High-Tech industry.
  • Being involved in a project throughout the entire product creation process.
  • Variety, by working on one or multiple projects simultaneously and working on different technologies for various applications and markets.
  • Working in multidisciplinary teams.
  • Guiding colleagues and junior engineers in their projects and coaching them to further develop their (technical) talents. With your experience, you contribute to expanding the knowledge within Sioux.

Why you want to work here

  • You will work within a pleasant working environment, in which High-Tech, High-Fun & High-Value are central.
  • Within Sioux, everyone gets a lot of freedom and responsibility to perform their work in the best possible way.
  • No matter how experienced you are, you will continue to develop yourself on a personal level and in terms of content. You have a personal training budget of €6000 available for this, every year.
  • We love continuous development; people, good ideas and Sioux!
  • We also find it incredibly important to have fun together - no joke! We organize a lot for our employees from family festivals to inspiring knowledge sessions.
  • You work on the Sioux Campus and can use our Sioux Labs living room every day to have lunch, play sports or music and share your knowledge with colleagues.

Sound good so far? We'd love to tell you more...

Working in high-tech.
At Sioux Technologies, we develop and build complex high-tech products, often at the limit of what is technologically possible. We do this together, within a close-knit team of enthusiastic specialists in electronics, software, mechanics, mechatronics, physics, optics and mathematics. This is how we bring high-tech to life that makes society healthier, safer, smarter, more sustainable and more fun. This could be for a large project at a renowned multinational or for a promising start-up developing the next breakthrough technology.

High Tech, High Fun, High Value

We can tell you all about the typical Sioux-culture and the high-tech challenging projects. About how you can develop yourself, like nowhere else. But we’d rather have you hear it from our own employees, including physicists Elif and Marnix.

Go to testimonials!

This is what you bring to the table

Here's what you bring to the table:

  • 10 years of experience in electronics design for the High-Tech industry.
  • A background in electronics at Master's level.
  • Experience with signal integrity, power integrity, EMC, and EMI.
  • Experience with tools such as Altium Designer and Hyperlynx is a plus.
  • Aligning requirements with customers and other stakeholders.
  • Making architecture and design choices.
  • Guiding and technically leading a team that further develops designs into a complete product.
  • Excellent communication skills, both with internal stakeholders and with customers and suppliers.

Here's what you can expect from us in return:

  • A 32-40-hour workweek, with the option to work from home. A healthy work-life balance is very important to us!
  • Personal coaching and a training budget of €6000 per year, so you can continue to develop yourself.
  • A VitaliTech budget that you can use, for example, for your sports subscription or the purchase of a smartwatch, laptop, or bicycle.
  • You'll receive a lease car, travel allowance, or public transport pass. If you prefer to use one of our electric shared cars, this is of course also possible!
  • Invitations to fun social gatherings and activities for you, as well as for your partner and family.
Are you interested?

Your new job in 5 steps

Thank you for your interest. We are happy to share our selection process with you. Below you will find the steps we go through. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We wish you the best of luck with your application at Sioux Technologies!

  • Interested?
    • Send us your CV and motivation letter.
  • Application received
    • One of our recruiters will review your application and get back to you asap.
  • Introduction
    • We will plan an (online) introduction with a Sioux colleague to find out if there is a match.
  • Follow-up conversation(s)
    • In follow-up conversation(s), we dive into the (technical) depth. In some cases a personality test will be part of the conversation and will be discussed with you. In other cases you will be presented with a (technical) case.
  • Both excited?
    • If we are both enthusiastic, we would like to make you an offer. We will talk you through the offer and discuss it with you. Are you already curious about our terms of employment? You can find them here for the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany.
  • Welcome to Sioux Technologies!
    • We welcome you to Sioux and wish you success with your new challenge!


Privacy Notice for applicants

  1. Pre-employment screening and background checks might be part of your application procedure.
  2. Your personal information is managed in compliance with the GDPR regulations.

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