Senior Project Manager High-Tech Systems

Full time
Barleben - Magdeburg
Be part of high-tech innovation in Magdeburg (Barleben) in Germany. 
We invite you to join Sioux’s newest development and production location in the Magdeburg area, located in the Berlin, Hannover, Leipzig triangle. In the coming years, the future of technology will be created in this new high-tech hub. With one of World’s leading chip manufacturers, Intel, settling here, the region in and around Magdeburg will become increasingly important for the European high-tech sector. 

Join Sioux and build the future with us!
Sioux develops and produces state-of-the-art technology for the top end of the international high-tech community. Examples include a complex lithography machine, a compact electron microscope, a smart home automation system or an electric self-charging car. We raise the bar high and we often achieve the impossible. We do so together, as a team of enthusiastic electronics, software, mechanics, mechatronics and mathematics specialists.

Our position

As a Project Manager in our high-tech industry, your primary responsibility is to oversee and coordinate projects for our customers. You will play a pivotal role in managing a talented team of professionals specialized in mechanics and mechatronics. Your responsibilities will extend to maintaining seamless coordination between technical disciplines and ensuring effective communication with our valued customers.
Key responsibilities:

  • Manage the project team on a daily basis, ensuring efficient collaboration and fostering a positive working environment.
  • Prepare and diligently follow project plans, monitoring progress to ensure timely completion and adherence to objectives. From the earliest feasibility and conceptual phases up to transfer to (series)production.
  • Take charge of risk assessment and change management, implementing measures to mitigate potential challenges.
  • Clear and effective communication and reporting among all stakeholders, including the project team, steering committee, colleagues, and customers.
  • Lead large and complex projects, lead other project leaders within your own project or that have projects of their own.

What you can expect:

  • Engaging in a variety of high-tech projects,
  • Continuity in the ultra-high-complex product portfolio, with roadmap driven development. The products will be realized in our own local factory.
  • Working in a stimulating environment that encourages your creativity and rewards original solutions.
  • Being involved in product development from concept to operational product with focus on efficient series production, in the range from 10-1000 per year.
  • Enjoying diverse activities due to the range of technologies, markets, and projects.
  • Being part of an open culture that promotes continuous learning and knowledge sharing.
  • Benefitting from a rapid learning curve, a personal training budget, and ample opportunities for personal and professional growth.
  • Collaborating directly with clients and partners, fostering strong relationships and impactful contributions.

Your future workplace

Your experience

  • MSc in Mechanics, Mechatronics or a related domain
  • ≥10y relevant experience
  • With proven track record in managing mechatronics equipment Development & Engineering projects
  • Excellent Project Management skills.
  • Commercial skills
  • Excellent in communication and stakeholder management
  • Be able to build, inspire, coach and direct a multi-disciplinary team.

This is Sioux

At Sioux, we recognize that our employees are our greatest asset. Together, we aim to maximize our potential. To achieve this, we provide attractive terms and conditions of employment that align with your needs. Our employees consistently highlight the personal attention they receive at Sioux, which sets us apart and of which we are incredibly proud. Success, to us, means more than just a competitive salary. It's about feeling valued, being entrusted with responsibility, and having the opportunity to develop yourself.

What you can look forward to:

  • Internal training, coaching.
  • Engaging in varied work that spans different technologies, markets, and projects.
  • A competitive salary and appealing fringe benefits.
  • Flexible working hours of 32 to 40 hours per week, allowing for a healthy blend of remote work and office presence.
  • An open culture focused on collaboration, learning, and enjoyment.
  • An innovative working environment that inspires creativity and encourages forward thinking.
  • At Sioux, we are committed to ensuring that you feel appreciated and have ample opportunities to grow both personally and professionally. We strive to create an environment where collaboration, learning, and having fun go hand in hand.
  • At Sioux, we are committed to ensuring that you feel appreciated and have ample opportunities to grow both personally and professionally. We strive to create an environment where collaboration, learning, and having fun go hand in hand.
Are you interested?

Your new job in 5 steps

Thank you for your interest. We are happy to share our selection process with you. Below you will find the steps we go through. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We wish you the best of luck with your application at Sioux Technologies!

  • Interested?
    • Send us your CV and motivation letter.
  • Application received
    • One of our recruiters will review your application and get back to you asap.
  • Introduction
    • We will plan an (online) introduction with a Sioux colleague to find out if there is a match.
  • Follow-up conversation(s)
    • In follow-up conversation(s), we dive into the (technical) depth. In some cases a personality test will be part of the conversation and will be discussed with you. In other cases you will be presented with a (technical) case.
  • Both excited?
    • If we are both enthusiastic, we would like to make you an offer. We will talk you through the offer and discuss it with you. Are you already curious about our terms of employment? You can find them here for the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany.
  • Welcome to Sioux Technologies!
    • We welcome you to Sioux and wish you success with your new challenge!


Privacy Notice for applicants

  1. Pre-employment screening and background checks might be part of your application procedure.
  2. Your personal information is managed in compliance with the GDPR regulations.

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