Mathware Engineer, based in China

High Speed Rail New Town, Xiangcheng district, Suzhou
Sioux Technologies is a global technology partner that supports or acts as the R&D department for high-tech companies. With more than 900 engineers, Sioux Technologies has all the expertise in-house to contribute to the success of high-tech products and production systems. Sioux's strength lies in its unique combination of high-quality competences in Software, Mathware, Mechatronics, Electronics and Assembly.
Sioux likes to take responsibility: from thinking along in the concept phase to supplying series production. Together with its customers, Sioux wants to add value and build innovative solutions that can contribute to a society that is smarter, safer, healthier, more pleasant, and sustainable.

Together with Jiangsu Industry Technology Research Institute (JITRI) and Suzhou’s High-Speed Rail New Town, Sioux Group brings its high-tech ecosystem to China. Sioux China aims to establish a high-tech R&D center in Suzhou, along with spinning out successful high-tech OEMs.
As an R&D center, Sioux China is dedicated to the development of multidisciplinary solution, often on the verge of what is technologically possible. OEM customers from the semiconductor, analytical and healthcare industry are three main focuses in Sioux China. To provide the multidisciplinary competency, Sioux China R&D center consists of 7 main departments: System and Test, Control SW, Mechanics, Electrics and Electrical, Application Software, Photonics and Mathware.

The mission of Mathware Department is to use advanced mathematical knowledge, techniques, and tools to make hardware and software application faster, smarter, more accurately, and more autonomously. This requires technological breakthroughs that make the impossible possible. To achieve this, Mathware globally focusses on the engineering and research on the latest technology of data science, image analysis, computational physics, scientific computing, high performance computing and optimization.
In Sioux China Mathware Department, we are currently focusing on the field of image analysis, data science & machine learning, and high-performance computing. These are vital solutions for the development of the ever-increasing complexity of the demands of China’s high-tech industry. Our data scientists, mathematicians and physicists combine exceptional scientific knowledge with a pragmatic focus on engineering and operations research. We are up to speed with the latest techniques and can make the step from feasibility study to a usable algorithm.
Real innovation starts with a fundamental understanding of the strategic and technological challenges that the customer faces. We, the Mathware engineers, are dedicated to building the bridge between the customer requirement (domain knowledge) and latest technical innovation (technical knowledge) by providing a feasible solution.

Our function

As the Mathware engineer, your ambition lies in the result-oriented application of image analysis, data analytics, or high-performance computing in technically challenging problems. Together with the senior Mathware engineers, you are not only involved in various projects for function development, but you are also a key player in the exploration of the latest technology. Project topics vary from target detection/segmentation based on 2D, 3D, 4D, video, multimodal and hyperspectral image data, to predictive models for predictive maintenance, to the 3D pre-surgery planning, etc. Please don’t hesitate to contact the us for more description of the projects you might be involved in the future.

Your future workplace

This is what we're looking for

  • Master’s degree or higher in computer science, mathematics, physics, electronics, or related engineering fields
  • At least 1 years of relevant research or intern experience with multidisciplinary development projects, domain knowledge of the semiconductor, analytical equipment
  • Familiar with the programming languages C/C++, python
  • Experience on high performance computing is a plus
  • CUDA, FPGA related experience is a plus
  • AI model deployment experience is a plus
  • ITK, VTK experience is a plus
  • Awards in grand challenge is a plus
  • English speaking and writing are required

This is what we offer

Our employees are our strength, and together we want to get the maximum out of it. That starts by offering attractive terms and conditions of employment that are in line with your needs. According to our employees, the personal attention at Sioux makes the difference. And that’s something we’re proud of. After all, to us, success is more than just a good salary. It's also about being appreciated, about being given responsibility and the ability to develop yourself.

  • A variety of high-tech projects in multidisciplinary teams
  • The freedom to come up with original, creative solutions
  • Product development from idea to operational product
  • A direct collaboration with the customer and partners
  • Internal training, coaching and a large personal development budget of RMB 20,000 euro per year
  • Good salary and attractive fringe benefits
  • An open culture focused on working together, learning and having fun
  • An innovative working environment
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